About the present company

We are committed to maintaining the supply of all Autovac parts, providing a rebuilding service and offering complete new units, for both cars and commercial vehicles.

We also offer reconditioned units for sale when available.

Since Martin is a panel beater, having spent many years building vintage car bodies, it was natural to add new and rebuilt outer tanks to the existing Autovac parts list.

New bottoms made from tinned steel are fitted to standard cylindrical tanks. Rolls Royce tanks are rebuilt using brass whilst new standard tanks are made for 4 1/2, 6 1/2 and 8 litre Bentleys in German Silver (nickel silver) as were the originals. We also offer a bespoke tank for 3 / 4 1/2 litre owners which gives the capacity of the 4 1/2 litre tank using the original four mounting holes, so no modifications are required to the bulkhead.

As many owners and customers have testified since our stewardship of the business commenced in 2001, an Autovac still offers a reliable means of fuel supply, indeed many are reassured by its relative simplicity and the clicking and hissing as the unit works.