Outer tanks

We are finding that many of the original tanks are showing signs of age and this is especially true when they are left standing with fuel in them for a period of time.

We do not feel that it is safe to solder the holes that are caused by rust as the remaining material is also very thin and liable to puncture.

As the Autovac is often positioned near exhausts or electrical equipment the fire risk is considerable.

Instead where the rest of the tank is sound we replace the bottom of the tank with new tinned steel and new tap fittings.

If the tank is beyond repair we can make new tanks to any shape or size. We usually make these in tinned steel but can use brass or nickel silver depending on the customer's requirements.

We do not paint any outer tanks.

Bentley outer tanks

Using a combination of new old stock and remanufactured parts we can supply new Autovacs as well as being able to recondition units.

The new units can include new outer tanks, which for 4 1/2, 6 1/2 and 8 litre cars were made from German Silver (nickel silver), although the 1926 Bentley Motors blueprint for the 6 1/2 litre specifies the material as German Silver or Stainless Steel. The smaller tank for the 3 litre we make from tinned steel.

We also offer a bespoke tank for the 3/4 1/2 litre owners which gives the capacity of the 4 1/2 litre tank using the original four mounting holes, so no modifications are required to the bulkhead.

Rolls Royce outer tanks

To make replacement tanks for Rolls Royce cars we use the mounting ring or brackets, turret and tap fittings from your original tank. We can then fit these to a new tank body which will be made in brass.