Since old style brass taps are no longer fully compatible with modern petrol, we now offer a choice of AV159 on/off taps.

Lever style - which is liable to leak and become very stiff to operate as the silicone lubricant is dissolved with modern fuel. Once this happens you would need to replace the tap or take the tap to pieces and replace the silicone grease.

Fuel-proof new style tap, chrome plated brass body with brass handle.

If you decide to order you will need to specify the outlet thread from the Autovac; either 1/4" BSP or 1/8" BSP. The pipe connection from your existing tap will be 1/4" BSP and your drain plug will be 1/8" BSP. So are the two threads on your present tap the same or different?

The same applies to the drain tap, although it is less of a problem since they are used infrequently. If you do not already have one we suggest fitting a drain plug; these are AV156 and the drain tap is AV139.